Wildenmann Tools & Services was one of the first providers of 360° feedback.
For each target group, data capture method (paper questionnaires or online feedback) and budget, with us you will always find the ideal feedback process and external support that you need for your particular application.


Development instrument for Project Manager




The Project Management Circle (PMC) 360° feedback is a development instrument for project managers and project coordinators.

By means of the 146 statements in the questionnaire, the Project Management Circle makes the most important soft skills that a project manager has to master just as visible as learnable project management techniques or cooperation within the project team. The tool is divided into the following areas:

  • Personality
  • Competences
  • Management Skills
  • Spin-out factors (stumbling blocks that endanger the success of a project)
  • Assessment of relative importance

There are optional questionnaires available with room for free comments. Approximately 30 minutes is required for the assessment.

360° feedback for Project Managers and Project Coordinators

Assessment and report in German or English

Assessors: the Project Manager (self-assessment), the Project Sponsor, colleagues, project employees, other assessors (optional group)

Paper questionnaires or online feedback

Report as paper report including CD with PDF of the report


The results are graphically prepared in the assessment report. It is designed to focus in from the surveys to the evidence of relevant strengths and explicit areas for development. The assessment is rounded off with a comprehensive data supplement that lists the results in detail for each statement

The benefit of the Project Management Circle

The deployment of the PMC should take place at the end, or after the conclusion, of a project. It clearly points out the strengths and weaknesses of the project work and provides clear indications of  the points that require development. Reflecting on the influence and effect a project manager can have enables them to develop in the long term and consequently affects the success of future projects. By discussing the results of the PMC, the entire project team is given the chance to identify the points that are critical to the success of their cooperation. Its value is maximised if measures are jointly agreed on to sort out those points that are crucial to the success of a project.

Please note: a one-day certification training  is necessary for using this tool independently without the support of external consultants.

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Correct guidance at all levels is one of the essential guarantors for success.                            
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Wildenmann Tools & Services was one of the first providers of 360° feedback in Germany. And we still feel our commitment to this aspiration – to being a trailblazer in innovative survey systems – to this day

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In our consulting projects we improve the performance of organizations respectively their employees. Our portfolio comprises the definiton and integration of visions and objectives, strategic improvement of performance, programs for sales development as well as a choice of individual coachings and comprehensive development programs for companies and business units.

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